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my name is mads. i work as a captain driving zodiacs doing tours along the na pali coast. this island is my playground, and wanted to share some special moments with you.

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Anonymous asked:

What is it like growing up in hawaii? What's the culture like and what would you suggest people that are just moving there to do? What's the schools like?

I said:

i did not grow up here, i am from colorado and have lived here for 6 years. im not going to claim i can explain the culture here because i didnt have that experience, but from what i have seen on the island of kauai is a slow-paced, relaxed, beautiful island full of people who work hard for their families. kauai is much more “rural” than the other islands, and most activities are based around the outdoors like fishing, hiking, surfing, hunting, boating, etc. couldnt tell you much about the schools. for people moving to kauai specifically, i would tell them come with enough money to support yourself for a few months til you get on your feet, and come with a healthy passion for outdoor adventure, otherwise you’ll get bored after a year. aloha!

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